awesome products is what we do.

We’re a small embedded technologies startup from southern Germany, more precisely from Engen near the Lake Constance. We develop and manufacture awesome products.

our products and brands out there


The small, customizable, rechargeable night light for you. Put it under your bed and it’ll light up your way when you need it (and it does so on both sides!)



Hobby electronic modules and our open source hardware product branch. Find our well known Kickstarted products like the PGCPSU or our Q.O.K Soldering kits there:


Keybrick intro image

Keybrick One

(launching soon on Kickstarter) Our latest product is Keybrick One, a rechargeable drop-in replacement battery pack for the LEGO® Powered Up Hub 88009.

Visit: and our Kickstarter campaign

custom work.

you’ve got an awesome idea for the next big thing? Cool.

We support our customers with ideation, engineering, prototyping as well as micro-to-medium size production runs.